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I help corporations overcome the subconscious biases that cause intelligent managers to make extremely costly decisions

I am Steve Jasmine,
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Applied Completed Reflexivity

Reflexivity is an advanced model of predicting human behavior developed by the financial markets billionaire George Soros. I advanced his theory by predicting human misconceptions, which George Soros believes can never be predicted.

I have invested 23 years advancing my understanding of subconscious human behavior. I traveled to 63 countries undertaking my research, living with people of different cultures, religions, nationalities, races, languages and economic status.

I applied my completed theory of reflexivity to the financial markets trading of George Soros, to the corporate success of Steve Jobs, to the football success of Pep Guardiola, and to the movie creation of George Lucas.

Sharing My Discoveries

published books

Completed Reflexivity for George Soros
Published 2020

My advancement of the theory of reflexivity is detailed in this 309 page book. It includes over 200 pages of examples of completed reflexivity applied to real world situations. This book has been written for George Soros and answers his life's greatest question.

In this book I discuss many financial markets and non financial markets examples of reflexivity. I explain the reason for the success of fast growing corporations such as Apple, Tesla, Google, Amazon and Facebook. I show how positive reflexive business cycles automatically give companies self supporting long term financial growth.

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Jason Bourne for Doug Liman
Published 2016

This 169 page book is a detailed analysis of the rise and fall in the profitability of the five Jason Bourne movies, and what caused the demise of this promising movie franchise. This book is written for Doug Liman to show him that he alone caused the early success of the Bourne franchise.

In this book I assess the emotional journey that Jason Bourne (and Aaron Cross) undertake during the five Bourne movies. I then do an analysis of decline of the logical journey in the Bourne movies. I conclude with an assessment of a movie trailer for each of these movies showing how the mistakes in the movies was revealed in the trailers.

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Aston Martin for Lawrence Stroll
Coming Soon

This book is a letter to Lawrence Stroll, the new Chairman of Aston Martin. This is a detailed explanation of how Lawrence can use the popularity of James Bond to differentiate Aston Martin from its new lower prestige underpinnings, that are sourced from Mercedes Benz. That action is needed for the Aston Martin brand to achieve long term profitability, which it has yet to achieve in over 100 years of operations.

Hollywood Billionaire for Pavel Durov
Coming Soon

This book exposes the pitfalls of investing in movies. I previously published this book but it needs to be updated for the Netflix revolution, and the Covid crisis, that have totally transformed the movie investment industry. It is written for Pavel Durov, the internet billionaire, to help him create a lasting funding source for his socially focused products.

Examples of My Research

free documents

Corporate Success about Steve Jobs
Reward and Risk

I applied my research to the success of Steve Jobs, while he was the CEO of both Apple Computers and Pixar Animation. I discovered the key subconscious behaviors that lead to the success or failure of corporate CEO's.

Here is a case study of the failure of a corporate CEO, taken from my book Completed Reflexivity. This case study shows how Wesfarmers Australia lost $1 billion in 2 years due to a simple obvious mistake by its CEO.

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Sporting Success about Pep Guardiola
Subconscious Programming

I used my research to analyse the behavior of the most successful European football teams versus the other teams. In particular I studied the system of Pep Guardiola, the football manager of Manchester City football club.

From this research I discovered the key subconscious programming that leads to the success or failure of top European football teams. Here is a chapter from my book Completed Reflexivity about Team Sport success.

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Box Office Success for Pavel Durov
Movie Profitability Research

I spent 11 years studying billion dollar grossing movies and I discovered 1,300 common creative factors in these movies. When a movie has 90% of these 1,300 factors it earns over $1 billion. When a movie has 95% of these factors it earns over $2 billion. When a movie has 98% of these factors it always earns over $3 billion in the box office.

My analysis allows me to determine which screenplays will create movies that earn over $1 billion in the box office. I can guide movies during their production, to increased their box office revenues, while minimizing their production budget.

Here is an explanation of why The Lone Ranger movie lost Disney two hundred million dollars, despite having the same writers, producers, director, A-List movie star and marketing team as the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This comparison shows how I could have saved Disney that two hundred million dollars, earned them a few hundred million dollars and created a new blockbuster franchise.

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Jason Bourne for Doug Liman
Movie Story Creation

The following two documents are additional information mentioned in my book called Doug Liman's Jason Bourne.

The first document is a Jason Bourne background story that solves many of the logical problems in the first three Jason Bourne movies. The second document is a sample spy movie screenplay based on that background story.

This screenplay was originally written as a forth Jason Bourne movie that would have turned the Jason Bourne franchise into an American version of James Bond.

Universal Studios were not interested in this background story or screenplay and diminished the popularity and the profitability of the Jason Bourne franchise by increasing the illogical events and reducing the emotional journey.

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