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Movie Research

Billion Dollar Grossing Movies

I have spent 9 years conducting ground breaking research into the causes of movie popularity and profitability. I discovered that movie profitability is highly predictable.

I found 1,300 common creative factors in 50 movies that grossed over $1 billion in the box office. These 1,300 creative factors affect a movie's profitability.

When a movie has more than 90% of these 1,300 factors it earns over $1 billion in the box office. When a movie has more than 95% of these 1,300 factors it earns over $2 billion in the box office.

Jason Bourne

My book Doug Liman's Jason Bourne applies several of my discoveries to the Jason Bourne movies. This book gives reasons for the recent decline in the box office outcome of these movies.

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Hollywood Billionaire

I upcoming book Hollywood Billionaire explains how Hollywood producers and movie studios trick people into investing millions in loss making movies. It explains how to overcome this scenario and make a billion dollars investing in movies.

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Skwad Movie

I have turned my movie profitability research into a movie financing opportunity. This is a low budget high profit teenage focused movie.

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Movies analysed include:

Financing Opportunity


I have turned my movie profitability research into a movie financing opportunity.

The movie is called Skwad. It is an $11.3m budget, high revenue movie. It is based on the story structure of the movie Grease, which earned $1.5 billion in the box office (in 2017 values.

Prospective Financier

The following documents will be made available to prospective financiers, who are individuals expressing an interest in this movie financing opportunity:

  1. Financing Information
  2. Story Creation Process
  3. Risk Management Approach

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Qualified Financiers

The following documents will be made available to qualified professional financiers, who are individuals with a personal net worth of $36m or greater:

  1. Secured Loan Agreement
  2. Detailed Production Budget
  3. Story Synopsis

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Approved Financier

The following detailed documents will be available to the individual who finances Skwad's production:

  1. Articles of Companies
  2. Employment Agreement
  3. Screenplay
  4. Director Notes
  5. Character Casting Notes
  6. Character Emotions
  7. Visual Guides
  8. Costume Designs
Movie visual guides:

Doug Liman's Jason Bourne


In this book I assess the emotional journey that Jason Bourne (and Aaron Cross) undertake during the five Bourne movies. This analysis shows a deterioration in the emotional journey of the movies, with a coinciding increase in big action scenes in these movies.

I do an analysis of the logical journey in each of the five Bourne movies. This shows how they became progressively less logical, less realistic and less believable. I assess a movie trailer for each of the Bourne movies. These trailers highlight the deterioration of the emotional journey and the logical believability of the Bourne franchise.

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Additional Documents

The following two documents are available for free. They are additional items for this book, and they are discussed in the book.

Fixing Bourne - to view  - click here
Sample Screenplay - to view  - click here

Hollywood Billionaire  -  COMING SOON


In this book I explain how to make a billion dollar fortune by investing in movies using a scientific movie investment process. This book explains the reality of investing in Hollywood movies, which is the facade of profitability that movie investors are presented by Hollywood producers.

Completing Reflexivity  -  IN DEVELOPMENT


This book links George Soros’ theory of reflexivity with my many years of research into human behaviour, and my understanding of billion dollar grossing movie profitability. I complete George Soros' theory of reflexivity by explaining how human misconceptions are predictable. That predictability elevates the theory of reflexivity to the status of a valid social science.

The Golden Rule of Steve Jobs  -  IN DEVELOPMENT


This book explains the one simple rule of human behavior that Steve Jobs used to turn Apple Computers from almost being bankrupt into one of the largest companies in the world. Steve Jobs learned this simple rule from Steve Wozniak and this book reveals the fundamental significance of Steve Wozniak to the amazing success of Apple.

The Genius of George Lucas  -  IN DEVELOPMENT


This book is about the genius of the Star Wars movies by George Lucas. In this book I give away many of the secrets from my years of movie analysis work. This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to write or produce a billion dollar grossing movie.

Star Wars is brilliantly written and directed. Its genius extends well beyond the story into the way the underlying themes and mystical structure are communicated to the audience. In this book I discuss in detail these themes and structures. I include a scene by scene analysis of Star Wars and give details of how this movie relates to my billion dollar movie creation model. Through this detailed analysis you will see the true genius of George Lucas.

WARNING. Many aspiring screenwriters believe that if they write a great screenplay then Hollywood will recognize that greatness and buy their screenplay. This is not usually the reality. To know how Hollywood usually chooses which screenplays to make into movies  - click here

The Real James Bond  -  IN DEVELOPMENT


This book explains the reasons why the early James Bond movies were so financially successful. It reveals James Bond for who he really is, who is not the person most movie commentators and Bond fans believe him to be.

The knowledge in this book would allow any experienced producer to create a new movie franchise as successful and enduring as the James Bond movies.



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