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~ Chaos: /keɪɒs/ A label that people apply to complex situations to hide their lack of understanding.

Finding patterns in chaotic human behaviour.

Finance to Football


Banking And Finance

I am Steve Jasmine. I studied banking and finance in Australia. I worked as a treasury dealer and investment banker. Economists say that the stock markets move towards equilibrium based on economic factors. I saw those theories lose billions of dollars in the real world. I discovered that human emotion, insider trading and politics move the financial markets more than economic theories.

Human Behaviour Research

I left Australia to research the underlying behaviours common in all people regardless of race, culture and socioeconomic status. I traveled to 63 countries in South East Asia, Central Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, North America, Central America and South America.

Hollywood Film Financing

I worked in film financing where I discovered that Hollywood producers claim that film profitability is random, after their latest film lost money for its investors. I built a model of billion dollar grossing film success and I determined that film profitability is highly predictable. In that model I determined the key creative factors that lead to billion dollar grossing film profitability. This is discussed in my book Doug Liman's Jason Bourne. I wrote a book about film financing but removed it from publication when Netflix changed the industry. I will republish that book when the influence of streaming services has become predictable.

Theory Of Reflexivity

I used my knowledge of human behaviour and finance to advance the Theory of Reflexivity that George Soros used to become a billionaire. George Soros says that human misconceptions cannot be predicted are are therefore an unsurpassable boundary for his Theory of Reflexivity. I found that human misconceptions always occur in one direction and are therefore predictable. My discovery advanced the Theory of Reflexivity, supported evolutionary psychology and found the underlying cause of all human conflict. This is explained in my book Completed Reflexivity.

Corporate CEO Behaviours

I researched the CEO team building and leadership behaviours of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, then contrasted them with the CEO leadership behaviours that caused major corporate failures. These include the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill ($65 billion loss), the Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes ($20 billion loss), the Samsung Note 7 battery fires ($5 billion loss) and the Dieselgate scandal ($33 billion loss). I determined the CEO leadership behaviours that cause corporate success or failure. I discovered that these are the same behaviours that I saw move the financial markets and cause billion dollar grossing film success. I had found a unifying theory of human behaviour. I will soon publish a book about how these same CEO leadership behaviours almost destroyed Aston Martin.

English Premier League

During Covid I determined the causes of the success of Pep Guardiola, the most successful current European football manager. I then built a training program based on the SAS Commando training methods to quickly teach the secrets of Pep's system to new players. I am now approaching the top football teams worldwide to find a great one to work with, to help them become the most successful team in their league. That is my current area of total focus.

Trading The Markets


Completed Reflexivity
Predicting Human Behaviour
Published 2020

My advancement of the Theory of Reflexivity is detailed in this 309 page book. This book includes over 200 pages of examples of my theory applied to real world situations. These are both financial markets and non financial markets examples of my theory describing the real world.

In this book I explain the reason for the success of fast growing corporations such as Apple, Tesla, Google, Amazon and Facebook. I show how positive reflexive business cycles automatically give companies self supporting long term financial growth. This book has been written for George Soros and specifically answers his stated life's greatest unanswered question.

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Destroying Aston Martin
Corporate CEO Significance
Coming Soon

This book explains how Andy Palmer almost destroyed Aston Martin when he was CEO for 7 years. This was due to Andy Palmer making hight risk, low reward, low control decisions. This approach was successful when Andy worked at Nissan, to climb the corporate ladder, but did not work at Aston Martin. As the CEO, Andy's approach was not able to be questioned and therefore he drove Aston Martin to bankruptcy, until it was saved by Lawrence Stroll.

I explain how Lawrence Stroll is saving Aston Martin by making low risk, high reward, high control decisions. I explain how these changes in CEO thinking can result in long term profitability for Aston Martin. This is the same CEO approach that Steve Jobs used at Apple and Elon Musk uses at Tesla and SpaceX.

Wesfarmers Fiasco
Corporate CEO Significance
Published 2020

This is an extract from my book Completed Reflexivity that explains how Wesfarmers Australia lost $1 billion in 2 years due to one simple mistake by its outgoing CEO.

In this book I explain how the thinking of a CEO can infect the thinking of everyone else in a corporation, with no one having the courage or ability to push back against the incorrect thinking of the CEO.

This book shows how the CEO of a $30 billion company foolishly believed that a simple retail business strategy that worked in warm Australia would work equally as well in cold England.

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Elon Musk
Corporate CEO Significance
Published 2020

This is an extract from my book Completed Reflexivity that explains how Elon Musk is successful at Tesla, but has to be careful if he wishes to create a lasting business in the way that Steve Jobs did at Apple.

In this extract, written in 2020, I outline changes that Elon Musk needs to make for Tesla to succeed long term. Since then Elon has done what I suggested with his Cybertruck, Full Self Driving, Tesla Plaid variants, Tesla Semi and Roadster refresh.

Elon also only initially only delivered the premium versions of his budget Model 3 and Model Y cars. This is similar to Apple making billions from selling base model versions of its products while primarily promoting the high end versions of its products to elevate the Apple brand value.

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Billion Dollar Movies


Doug Liman's Jason Bourne
Movie Profitability
Published 2016

This 169 page book analyses the rise and fall in the profitability of the Jason Bourne films, and what caused the demise of this film franchise. This book is written for Doug Liman to show him how his focus on realism caused the early success of the Jason Bourne franchise.

In this book I assess the emotional journey that Jason Bourne (and Aaron Cross) undertake during the Jason Bourne films. I then do an analysis of decline of the logical journey in the Bourne films. I conclude with an assessment of a film trailer for each of these films showing how the mistakes in the films were revealed to potential audiences in these trailers.

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Hollywood Billionaire
Movie Profitability
Coming soon

This book was published in 2014. I withdrew it from publication when Netflix rewrote the rules of film financing. This is because the customer attraction and retention model for streaming services is the opposite to that for theatrical releases. Streaming services increased the opportunities for films to make a return on investment compared to the traditional Hollywood Studio system, but lowered the level of that return.

The Netflix streaming revolution has not yet settled into a predictable pattern due to major players including Disney and Apple entering the market as loss leaders. They have lost billions pushing diversity, equity and inclusion stories and this trend cannot continue indefinitely. When a predictable revenue pattern has emerged for film investors to make a worthwhile profit then I will update this book.

Real James Bond
Movie Creation
Coming soon

This book is about the original James Bond character from the six Bond films based on the Ian Fleming books with the actor Sean Connery. I compare this James Bond to the character that was created by EON Productions when not following the plots of the Ian Fleming books, with Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan playing James Bond.

In this book I explain how the original James Bond was misunderstood by EON Productions, due to the complex subtleties of the character. I explain how Hollywood turned James Bond into the misogynist that they incorrectly believed he was, when this is not the character that Ian Fleming created, that was brilliantly portrayed by Sean Connery. This is because a spy always hides his true identity, and EON Productions mistook the spy identity of James Bond for his real identity.

The original James Bond is equally respectful of women and men of a certain character, and disrespectful of men and women of the opposite character. This disrespect of some women by James Bond was misinterpreted as him being misogynistic. The James Bond character was subsequently depicted this way by EON Productions, and the box office of the James Bond films suffered as a result. The Daniel Craig version of James Bond corrected this mistake to some degree and returned the James Bond films to their original billion dollar box office status.

Lone Ranger vs Pirates
Movie Profitability
Created 2020

I analysed the top billion dollar grossing films and I discovered the common creative factors in these films. When a film has 90% of these factors it earns over $1 billion. When a film has 95% of these factors it earns over $2 billion. When a film has 98% of these factors it earns over $3 billion in the box office.

My analysis allows me to determine which screenplays will create films that earn over $1 billion in the box office. I can guide films during their production to increased their revenues, while minimising their production budget.

Here is a detailed explanation of why The Lone Ranger film lost Disney $200 million, despite having the same writers, producers, director, film star and marketing team as the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films. This comparison shows how my knowledge would have benefited Disney by around $400 million and created an enduring profitable blockbuster film franchise.

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Bourne Background Story
Movie Creation
Created 2016

This document is a Jason Bourne background story that solves the logical problems in the first three Jason Bourne films. It is mentioned in my book Doug Liman's Jason Bourne as being available on my website.

I wrote this story to allow Universal Studios to create future Jason Bourne films that would have turned the Jason Bourne films into an enduring spy movie franchise similar to James Bond.

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Spy Movie Screenplay
Movie Creation
Created 2016

This screenplay is based on my Jason Bourne background story. It is mentioned in my book Doug Liman's Jason Bourne as being available on my website.

I originally wrote this screenplay as a fourth Jason Bourne film and I presented it to Universal Studios in 2013. My Jason Bourne film would have transitioned the Jason Bourne franchise into an American version of James Bond.

Universal Studios were not interested in my screenplay. Instead they made the film Jason Bourne in 2016. That film ended the Jason Bourne franchise by increasing the number illogical story elements and by reducing the hero's emotional journey.

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Pep Guardiola's System


Beating Pep Guardiola
Winning in Football
On Hold

This book explains the simple rules of Pep Guardiola's winning football management system. I have determined that Pep's winning system is not about football formations, players or tactics. It is a human behaviour system, where his players work as a collective mind to make fast high quality team focused subconscious decisions.

I intended to publish this book this year. Instead I am contacting the top football teams in the world offering to teach Pep's system to their manager. I will work with one team to help them regularly win their football league.

Success In Sport
Winning in Football
Created 2020

This is a chapter about sport from my book Completed Reflexivity. It gives an overview of my discoveries about why Pep Guardiola is the most successful current European football manager.

This chapter discusses the reason why sports stars are held in high regard, and why corruption in sport is such a significant and widespread problem.

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