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I am Steve Jasmine

Three Talents

I am the leading expert on the theory of reflexivity as developed by George Soros, when used to create personal and corporate success. I am the leading expert on the causes of billion dollar grossing movie box office success. I am an expert on how to achieve lasting personal happiness along with success.

Success Advice

I offer advice to Corporate CEO's on financial success, through advanced reality based reward and risk analysis, using cutting edge human behavior management techniques, and from building lasting self supporting positive reflexivity business cycles. I also offer advice to sporting teams on long term sporting success through the subconscious emotional programming of players.

Happiness Advice

I offer advice to Corporate CEO's on how to achieve lasting personal happiness. I use my leading edge understanding of the preprogrammed human species survival behaviors that reside deep within our subconscious minds to help individuals discover what really matters to their personal happiness.

Movie Advice

I offer advice to Movie Investors on how to maximize the profitability of their movie investments. This is about maximizing their movie's financing, story, casting, production and marketing elements. This is based on my research into the creative elements that exist in all billion dollar grossing movies.

Book Explanation

For people that need details, my leading edge approach to Corporate CEO advice is explained in my new book Completed Reflexivity. This book includes 193 pages of real world examples, with a case study on a recent multi billion dollar corporate M&A failure. To learn more - click here


I never discuss my clients and I do not provide references. New clients trial my work by hiring me for a short period of time, then engage me for a longer duration when they see the quality and value of my work. Existing clients refer me to new clients. I occasionally target specific clients that I observe are in desperate need of my advice. I advise where I am most appreciated - where I am most wanted.

Advice Fees

I work out of your offices in the USA, UK and Europe. My hourly rate is $3,698 (including local taxes), paid in advance, in 18 hour blocks. I charge a relocation fee of 6 hours when moving between cities. I charge an additional relocation fee of 18 hours when moving countries. I charge an additional relocation fee of 36 hours when moving between the USA and Europe or the UK.

Advice Process

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Three Opportunities


I advise Corporate CEO's using my completed theory of reflexivity to help them be more successful and happier.

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I advise Movie Executive Producers using my research into billion dollar grossing movies to help them produce more profitable movie franchises.

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I have developed a low risk, low budget, high profit movie investment opportunity using my research into billion dollar grossing movie creation.

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Corporate CEO Advice


I am the leading expert on the theory of reflexivity as developed by George Soros. I have completed his theory of reflexivity by discovering how all human misconceptions are predictable. This groundbreaking discovery allows reflexivity to be significantly more accurate in its predictions and turns reflexivity into a valid social science.


I use my advanced understanding of reflexivity to advise Corporate CEO’s on creating positive reflexive business cycles. These reflexive cycles allow corporations to grow in size and profitability without effort through the creation of specific business structures. These structures form a positive reflexive cycle where the success of the corporation today automatically creates even greater success for the corporation in the future.


I use my understanding of the subconscious mind to advise sporting teams on how to achieve long term sporting and financial success through the subconscious emotional programming of players. This includes understanding how the subconscious motivations of players influence their relationship with other players in their team. I identify those players with a winner mentality, and those players that always subconsciously create failure.

Completed Reflexivity (available on Amazon)


This book was NOT written by George Soros. It was written by Steve Jasmine, specifically for George Soros (the financial markets billionaire) to read.


If you are not George Soros you will get significant value from this book, but be aware it is written for George Soros, for him to read. As this book is written specifically for George Soros, I do not explain anything that he would already understand. This includes the functioning of the financial markets, economics and the theory of reflexivity. If you do not understand these concepts, you may have difficulty understanding this book, but it has been written to make it very easy to understand.

If you are George Soros, this book is written for you. This book gives you the answer to your life's great question, as you stated in several of your books, being how to turn your theory of reflexivity into a valid social science. In my answer I give you the meaning of life. I also tell you that the OSI is broken and how to fix it. That is about how to leave the OSI empowered after you have died.

This book links George Soros’ theory of reflexivity with my many years of research into human behaviour, and my understanding of billion dollar grossing movie profitability. I completed George Soros' theory of reflexivity by explaining how human misconceptions are predictable. That predictability elevates his theory of reflexivity to the status of a valid social science. This discovery dramatically change the way that human choices, decisions and actions, are judged.

In this book I discuss many real world non finance examples of reflexivity. I explain how completed reflexivity explains the success of upstart corporations such as Apple, Tesla, AirAsia, Google, Amazon and Facebook. This book shows how positive reflexive business cycles automatically give company self supporting long term financial growth. I explain the difference in the thinking of people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs to the ordinary corporate CEO, and explain why these people are so successful.

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The Golden Rule of Steve Jobs (coming soon)


This book explains the one simple rule of human behavior that Steve Jobs used to turn Apple Computers from almost being bankrupt into one of the largest companies in the world. Steve Jobs learned this simple rule from Steve Wozniak and this book reveals the fundamental significance of Steve Wozniak to the amazing success of Apple.

Want More - the secret to success and misery (in development)


This book explains the subconscious controlling mechanism that cause some people to succeed, and causes them to be unhappy despite their amazing success. This book helps those people who are driven to greatness to also find happiness alongside their success.

Movie Creation Advice

Billion Dollar Grossing Movies

I am the leading expert on the common creative factors that exist in all billion dollar grossing movies. This knowledge allows me to determine which movies will earn over $1 billion in the box office. This knowledge allows me to guide movies to increased box office revenues, while minimising their production and marketing budgets.

Research results

I found 1,300 common creative factors in 50 billion dollar grossing movies. When a movie has more than 90% of these 1,300 factors it earns over $1 billion in the box office. When a movie has more than 95% of these factors it earns over $2 billion in the box office. When a movie has more than 98% of these factors it earns over $3 billion in the box office.

Keeping Secrets

I keep most of my discoveries secret, as I derive value from being the only person in the world who knows my work. Some secrets are given in the Lone Ranger document below. More secrets are revealed in my book Doug Liman's Jason Bourne, in my upcoming book Hollywood Billionaire, and my future books on James Bond and Star Wars.

Lone Ranger

The document below is a summary of why The Lone Ranger movie lost Disney a few hundred million dollars, despite having the same writers, producers, director, A-List star and studio marketing team as the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This is a key example of the validity of my movie research.

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I founded the Billion Dollar Movie Awards. These awards honour those people who have created movies that grossed over $1 billion in the box office. I give awards to the studio heads, writers, directors, producers and stars of all the billion dollar grossing movies released since James Cameron's movie Titanic.

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Movies Analysed

The billion dollar grossing movies that I have analysed include:

Doug Liman's Jason Bourne (available on Amazon)


This book applies several of my discoveries to explaining the decline in profitability of the Jason Bourne movies. This book gives a good example of my research applied to a well known movie franchise.

In this book I assess the emotional journey that Jason Bourne (and Aaron Cross) undertake during the five Bourne movies. This analysis shows a deterioration in the emotional journey of the movies, with a coinciding increase in big action scenes in these movies.

I do an analysis of the logical journey in each of the five Bourne movies. This shows how they became progressively less logical, less realistic and less believable. I assess a movie trailer for each of the Bourne movies. These trailers highlight the deterioration of the emotional journey and the logical believability of the Bourne franchise.

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Additional Documents

The following two documents are available for free. They are additional items intended specifically for this book. Their connection to the Bourne movies and my research is discussed in the book.

Fixing Bourne

To view and download this document  - click here

Spy Action Movie Screenplay

To view and download this document  - click here

Hollywood Billionaire (coming soon)


This book explains how Hollywood producers and movie studios trick people into investing millions in loss making movies. It explains how to overcome this scenario and make a billion dollars investing in movies. It reveals more of the secrets of movie profitability.

In this book I explain how to make a billion dollar fortune by investing in movies using a scientific movie investment process. This book explains the reality of investing in Hollywood movies, which is the facade of profitability that movie investors are presented by Hollywood producers.

The Real James Bond (in development)


This book explains the reasons why the early James Bond movies were so financially successful. It reveals James Bond for who he really is, who is not the person most movie commentators and Bond fans believe him to be. The knowledge in this book would allow any experienced producer to create a new movie franchise as successful and enduring as the James Bond movies.

The Genius of George Lucas (in development)


This book is about the genius of the Star Wars movies by George Lucas. In this book I give away many of the secrets from my years of movie analysis work. This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to write or produce a billion dollar grossing movie.

Star Wars is brilliantly written and directed. Its genius extends well beyond the story into the way the underlying themes and mystical structure are communicated to the audience. In this book I discuss in detail these themes and structures. I include a scene by scene analysis of Star Wars and give details of how this movie relates to my billion dollar movie creation model. Through this detailed analysis you will see the true genius of George Lucas.

WARNING. Many aspiring screenwriters believe that if they write a great screenplay then Hollywood will recognize that greatness and buy their screenplay. This is not usually the reality. To know how Hollywood usually chooses which screenplays to make into movies  - click here

Movie Financing Opportunity

Low Risk High Return

I have turned my movie profitability research into a low risk high return movie financing opportunity. This is a $16.9m budget teenage audience focused movie. Successful teen movies earn a high return on investment from a low risk movie creation process.

Grease Story Structure

Skwad uses key story elements from the teenage focused movie Grease, which grossed $1.5 billion in the box office, in 2018 terms. The story structure of Grease is unique in that it combines three different parallel story lines into one movie. I have never seen this structure in other billion dollar grossing movie. The reason for the enormous financial success of Grease was obvious once I found that it was based on a parallel story structure.

Story Structure

The story for Skwad has been created using my billion dollar grossing movie creation model. It has key elements from the movies Grease, Rocky, Pretty Woman, American Graffiti, Animal House, American Pie, the Twilight franchise and the Hunger Games franchise. The following document explains some of the basic story elements that have been taken from these movies and incorporated into Skwad.

To view and download this document  - click here

Story Guides

The story structure of Skwad is based on these movies:

Prospective Financier

The following documents will be made available to prospective financiers, who are individuals expressing an interest in this movie financing opportunity:

  1. Financing Information
  2. Budget Summary
  3. Risk Management Approach

To email me to receive a prospective financier package  - click here

Qualified Financiers

The following documents will be made available to qualified professional financiers, who are individuals with a personal net worth or funds under management of $1 billion or greater:

  1. Movie Financing Agreement
  2. Detailed Production Budget
  3. Story Synopsis
Approved Financier

The following detailed documents will be made available to the individual who finances Skwad's production:

  1. Screenplay
  2. Subtext Guidance
  3. Character Casting Guidance
  4. Character Acting Guidance
  5. Scene Visual Guidance
  6. Locations Guidance
  7. Costumes Guidance

Visual Guides

These are some of the many visual guides for Skwad. They give a general feeling for how the movie will look.




I am unlikely to respond to your message unless it is about a clearly defined adviser task, or an interest in qualifying as a financier for my movie Skwad. I do not do telephone calls. I do not do lunch. I am only available for clearly defined work projects. To email me  - click here


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I do not accept unsolicited creative material. Any original creative material emailed to me will be deleted and purged from my email server without being reviewed.